Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Black Cat II

An addendum to my previous post:

Black Sprite

The black fur and the big green eyes
Send forth most melancholy cries

From out in the hall or downstairs
Wherever they’re wrapped in cat hairs

And the cries always sounds like “George,”
Which I try to translate to “purge,”

To put this eerie feline sprite
Out of my ears and out of sight,

But its mournful cries cause me woe
Like the black cat of E.A. Poe.


  1. In olden times
    When cats were cats
    They worked the farm
    And ate the rats
    and when the momma
    had her litter
    we filled a pale
    full of water
    but now the cats
    have equal rights
    to shit and piss
    wherever they wanna
    so now my friend
    you must pay the price
    for that little [edited for adult content]
    you fed last night

  2. Thanks for the good-humored poem, TDR, but no need to censor on this site.