Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pragmatist III

I've written here about Pres. Obama's pragmatic move to the right of center as an aid to helping him politically, and in the wake of his recent legislative victories--the tax compromise, DADT, START, the health care program for 9/11 first responders--it looks like his new strategy of finding bipartisan allies in Congress is working. While I still oppose extending tax cuts for the rich, I have to give Pres. Obama credit for these important accomplishments, which have general bipartisan support and are crucial for their beneficiaries: if gays wish to serve openly in the military, they should not be denied on the grounds of their sexual preference; the START treaty helps reduce the number of nukes held by the US and Russia and makes us all marginally safer, and the 9/11 responders whose health suffered from their selfless work in The Pit deserve money for medical treatment. These achievements have bolstered the President's image as a leader. Let's hope he has more such success in this lame-duck period. Santa came early for Barack Obama, and for us.


  1. it's nice to have some things to celebrate. though it feels less like triumph than disappointment mitigation...

  2. "Disappointment mitigation" is good, Jackie. Another blogger says Pelosi & Reid should get most of the credit for these wins, and another reader credits Sen. Gillibrand. Let's see how cooperative the GOP is in the new Congress.