Friday, May 4, 2012


The last three weeks have been busy for me as a poet. On April 15, I joined about two dozen other poets for the launch of TOKEN ENTRY: NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY POEMS at Manitoba’s in the East Village. I have two poems in this anthology, which also includes such poets as Grace Paley, Billy Collins, Langston Hughes, and Hart Crane:

On April 28 I taught a haiku workshop at the 5th Annual Suffolk County Community College Creative Writing Festival:

The online journal RIGHT HAND POINTING chose my poem “Reënactment” as one of 12 poems for its special issue devoted to poems of no more than 30 words:

EYE SOCKET, an online poetry journal out of Portland, OR, features four of my poems in its May issue:

Please check out my work and leave a comment at the site.


  1. you have been busy doing good writing, good submiting and good for you. it is truly a good
    life, this life as a poet. write on

  2. This is all wonderful news!

    My nephew LOVES your book "Neighbors"! Thanks so much for your wonderful inscription and the wonderful writing within. And those pictures!


  3. George. I tried ordering but there is a "problem with the password." Don't get it.

    You'll be as happy as I am to hear that Jack Herbertson's obituary was in the Honolulu paper some time ago. And Bob Springer is retired and lives in the same condo complex in Poipu, Kaua'i, that Graceleanor Baird lives in.

    A month ago I sat with Graceleanor at the HUGE service for Chris Baird, who has achieved considerable acclaim -- not to mention hundreds of friends -- as a crew member on the vessel of the Polynesian Voyaging Society, the Hokule'a, on several of its voyages throughout the Pacific.

    Amazing man (who passed away as a 50-something).

    I don't know if you know that two of your students, Julian Ako and Michael Chun, went on to be administrators at Kamehameha. Julian was principal of the Boys' School and Mike President of the Schools.

    I knew them as table hosts but had my first evaluation from Dr. Pauline Frederick, who said I was a "symphony in blue."

    I can't make this stuff up.

    I bought Harpet Lee's new book last week and will get started on it one of these days.

    Must go rest up for my busy day tomorrow. Starts with a one hour walk on Kailua Beach with wealthy retirees and their dogs.

    And that is all for now from the "loveliest fleet of islands anchored in any ocean."